We will always use Paragon Services.
— Ann M.

What all lawn services do you provide?

We provide lawn services for weeds, stickers, gophers, moles, spring dead spots, fleas, ticks, fungicide applications, and so much more.

What is the process for fixing my lawn?

We consist of no less than six treatments per year.  Custom treatment programs are available upon request.  These treatments include Preemergence weed control, post emergence weed control, and fertilization when needed.

The reemergent provides control of unwanted weeds such as Poanna, Crabgrass and some broadleaves by preventing germination of the seed the weed emerges from.  Weedy grasses and broadleaf weeds can also be treated with post emergent products, but success is somewhat slow.

Paragon's fertilization program provides all nutrients needed annually, including trace elements, as recommended by OSU county extension office for this area.  This fertilization program is generally all that is needed to provide a healthy turf.

Watering your lawn following each treatment, but no sooner than the morning after the treatment, is recommended.

Watering and mowing practices are as important as Paragon Service's applications.  Watering the turf is a year round program; no less than once per week during growing season the point of runoff, every other week in the winter months is helpful in preventing root damage due to freezing.  Areas around shrubs and trees require a great deal of water.  Trees can require upwards of two gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter per day.

When cutting the lawn begin in the spring with the mower at the lowest setting you can tolerate, gradually raising the cutting height throughout the growing season.  Taller grasses tolerate summer drought and winter cold best.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

Yes, the products we use are pet and children friendly.

We do recommend for pets and children to stay off of the treated area until it has had a chance to dry.